Rose Care, Maintenance and Pruning

Lady Emma Hamilton

Thank you to everyone that came to the workshop yesterday at Petersham Nurseries, where we looked rose care, planting, general maintenance and crucially pruning and I hope our time together and the notes I left with you will be useful. I enjoyed the brief tour through the Cutting Garden and Kitchen Garden though not everybody I  know was able to stay for this part of the workshop.

The links below will give you more of a sense of what is possible particularly in training your roses and in pruning them next January or February (here in the UK at least that is).

I’ll put together my notes in another blog over the next few days but hope you might have an opportunity to look at some of my past blogs, specifically those from Mottisfont Abbey near Romsey, David Austin in Albrighton, Quando fioriranno le Rose in Assisi and for articles I’ve found useful and thought to share.

If you are interested, these links will introduce you to the topic and maybe serve as a launchpad to look at my rose garden tours elsewhere within these pages – and plan your own rose garden explorations in winter and next summer. Just search for roses or click on the tabs you can see on the right (left?) margins. Enjoy.




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