David Austin at Albrighton – some roses I pruned earlier! (A March Showcase)

306497_363081633730789_55287021_nA tour around the show gardens at David Austin in Albrighton one bright late March day

These photographs were taken in the March at a Design Course run by David Austin, following the course in October that I’ve just written about. The bare bones of the gardens are laid bare and the winter pruning has been completed.

It will be interesting to look through both October and March galleries to see where the biggest changes have been wrought. Compare and Contrast!

485664_363081657064120_1365030459_n529036_363081813730771_870747712_nThis is the circular garden, The Victorian Garden, with the box-edged planting beds – and peacocks – with warm brick wall covered in climbers.

527108_363081780397441_1018271553_n550070_363081690397450_470576207_n306278_363081740397445_1074001468_nThe pergolas and walkways are still supports for all manner of climbers and the more flexible ramblers. These have been twined around the supports (as much as some of the stiffer varieties can be – the ramblers take to this treatment much more readily). As these are show gardens, the numbers of plants are multiplied at every turn – the numbers in each planting bed, how close they are planted – as well as doubling up on the specimens/per pillar and post. These roses are very well fed to cope with the density of planting. We might not do this ourselves at home!

552507_363082257064060_508427734_nThe plants on this pergola are less than a year old.

539030_363082270397392_1395546291_n553982_363082307064055_1446224306_nWhile on the adjacent wall, The Generous Gardener, with bright ruby-red young foliage, is being trained.

536780_363082283730724_1804552771_nAlongside Spirit of Freedom

383388_363082340397385_1136997907_n383388_363082340397385_1136997907_n548650_363081990397420_586090585_nThe garden containing the Loggia (the Renaissance Garden) shows its design clearly, with symmetrical box edging to these beds either side of the canal.

523751_363082007064085_19435406_n549768_363082030397416_1649889773_n548049_363082053730747_168078431_n551262_363082103730742_206532123_n557334_363082143730738_1313516209_n541671_363082160397403_1643379150_nWhile under the covered loggia, there are climbers, including St. Swithun

485664_363082187064067_1742124582_n552954_363082073730745_1888652918_n530016_363082093730743_23633976_nThe formality of the main area here gives way to something looser, with the patterns repeated in the grass path.

530082_363082227064063_1562266590_n398900_363082393730713_928223177_nBack in the Lion Garden – you will remember these Yew pyramids just about holding their own in the froth and bulk of the roses in the photographs from October, the previous Autumn.

552954_363082417064044_1958589041_n525246_363082450397374_1502120759_n545023_363082837064002_1818180745_nEven Brother Cadfael, one of the taller shrubs, has been cut back by at least half.

561857_363082670397352_1866005394_n526781_363082427064043_275357433_nThe climbing roses have been pruned with the long stems pulled to fill the available space and the laterals – side branches – pruned to within a few buds only. These will form the flowering spurs this season.

The garden with this statue by Pat Austin – at the top of the Long Garden

The roses in the Wild Collection, a growing catalogue of species roses, here the specimens are left more to their own devices!

Finally, the Container Garden – neatly cut back but as you can see, still retaining a well-branched architecture to hold this years’ growth and abundance of bloom.

522076_363081037064182_1047947258_nI’ll be covering pruning specifically of David Austin – English – Roses, in my workshop next week at Petersham Nurseries – along with much else.

In the meantime, I’ve some packing to do for a course I’m attending in Assisi, Italy, this weekend, where there are rather a lot of roses that need pruning and I’m paying for the privilege!

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