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  1. Hi there. I am in love your beautiful garden photos. I’m in Arizona, USA, and wondering if it’s possible to purchase somehow (of course if I can afford it…;)

    1. Hi there and my apologies for being so late in replying. Such a beautiful rose isn’t it? It might be difficult to come by this late in the season, though the bare root stock will start to become available from November through to February so that might be the route to go down. I’d look at Peter Beales – – as a first port of call – they list it as R. sanguinea. And then Trevor White Roses (who trained at Peter Beales) and specialises in classic and Old Roses. The website deals in part with roses and is worth a look, with the caveat that if the nurseries listed had stocked it, it might be unavailable until the next year. Likewise the plant finder section on the RHS website might help you identify stockists close to you or mail order. Check out Great Dixter too as it is listed in their nursery catalogue – mail order too I believe. Locally to you, finally, are Triscombe Nurseries and while this isn’t listed in the catalogue on their website, it may be something they stock in limited quantities and so don’t put online. Well, good luck and best wishes, Martin

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