Floating Hellebores …. sunshine and ice

First there was a wide pool of water with the floating heads of Hellebores, upturned to enjoy the sunshine. Garden gathered Anna’s Red, White Tutu and the original, purple Tutu, Winter Moonbeam, a few hybrids…  then came the big freeze – and it seems, though this was March 2018, a cold snap is on it’s way now.

These were some of the most popular images from the blog – and on Instagram and Twitter at the time but worth revisiting. It’s a little early for this cornucopia of hellebores, though the pure white Christmas Rose, Hellebore niger will be featuring in nurseries and garden centres soon enough – and some of the Hellebore nigercor hybrids – the Hellebore Gold Series varieties for example (lots of information somewhere in these pages) that come early into flower and remain for months while the Easter Roses – the Ashwood and Harvington Hybrids for example, get into their stride.

But there’s a cold snap coming and it seemed appropriate enough to re-blog this piece (again) – sunshine and ice – to celebrate the season ahead. In the bleak midwinter maybe, but there are gems to be found. Some renowned winter gardens to visit in the coming months – The Sir Harold Hillier Gardens in Hampshire, Anglesey Abbey – again some links in these pages – just search for winter gardens or gardening. Snowdrops soon, hurrah to those as well.

I’ve recently moved from Teddington, where I spent 22 years in all, many of them gardening and working for some 8 years at Petersham Nurseries. I’m living in Poole, Dorset, for a few months before (I’m hoping) the house I’m buying will pass all the hurdles of the conveyancing process. It has a small, though delightful, due south-facing garden, with high brick walls to trap the heat and sun – and I can cultivate all those delights I was never able to in my north-east facing patch that I tended for so many years. Roses, hallelujah! Something to look forward to.

New content should follow although I have to refresh my memory as to how this all works and there is a ceiling now on the number of pictures I can include – I think I am already way past the storage allowed so there might need to be some pruning of earlier postings. Something to while away the dark winter days.

Greetings for the seasons ahead.

2 thoughts on “Floating Hellebores …. sunshine and ice

  1. What a relief to see your column return… and I particularly recall these splendid photos of hellebores you shared some time back, Thank you! And best wishes for your coming south-facing garden.

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