New from David Austin?

David Austin Roses is launching three new English roses at The Chelsea Flower Show in May…

DesdemonaDESDEMONA (Auskindling – Musk Hybrid) produces blooms from early summer until the first frosts. Pretty peachy pink buds open to reveal beautiful, pure white blooms, with a hint of pink at the earliest stage of flowering.
The blooms are chalice-shaped and are not harmed during wet weather, with an intense myrrh fragrance.
A strong, very healthy shrub with broad, open growth. 4 x 3ft.

kelmscottKELMSCOTT (Ausoutcry Leander Hybrid) bears masses of very large blooms almost continually from June until the first frosts.
The pink buds gradually open to many petalled, incurved cups with a strong, warm myrrh fragrance.
The open blooms are a rich glowing pink at the centre, becoming paler towards the edges. As they age, a cluster of golden stamens is revealed.
A very healthy and vigorous rose, it will quickly form a larger than average shrub for the middle or back of the border, but works equally well planted on its own.
Kelmscott Manor was the Cotswold retreat of William Morris, father of the Arts and Crafts movement. The gardens are home to a collection of David Austin English Roses. 5 x 3ft.
And finally

sirwalterscottSIR WALTER SCOTT (Ausfalcon Old Rose/Scottish Rose), named after the Scottish novelist and poet, this variety is the result of a cross with a Scottish Rose.
It has exceptional disease resistance and bears pretty little flowers which are rich pink, paling gradually over time. Each bloom’s many pointed petals are arranged around a central button eye, creating a perfect Old Rose-style rosette.
It repeat flowers prolifically and has a lovely strong Old Rose fragrance.
A tough and hardy variety; it will thrive in difficult conditions and is ideal towards the front of the border. 3 x 2½ft.

I haven’t seen the Press Release and these details are taken off the ‘MandyCanUDigIt website – tweeted earlier today (thank you!)!roses/c1w4s

Can’t wait!


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