A Rose Masterclass with David Austin Nurseries (An October Showcase)

Michael Marriott lending his expertise at David Austin – planting and pruning masterclass at their eponymous nursery and gardens. The last trawl through my own back-catalogue though there are so many many more items to choose from … All to refresh my memory for an upcoming workshop at Petersham Nurseries

The Teddington Gardener

292053_268357303203223_2034923660_nMichael Marriott at the David Austin Rose Nursery in Albrighton providing some insights into rose planting, care and pruning on a bright October day a couple of years ago.

He is the Technical Director at David Austin, a Rosarian of renown, accomplished designer of rose gardens for the great, grand and good across the globe. If you see a rose garden that features David Austin roses at all, chances are he’s the man behind it!

This was a day-course at the Nurseries in Albrighton (west of Wolverhampton into Shropshire) on a bright October day and tells a little of the David Austin story. I’ve posted a potted history of the operations recently and a search of my own back catalogue will reap great rewards I’m certain!

How to plant a rose

Here (the first photograph) he was discussing planting bare rooted roses – though also by association container-grown plants too…

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