Part One of a pruning, care and maintenance plan for your roses (What to do while they are still asleep) starring Mottisfont Abbey

The definitive rose garden at Mottisfont Abbey – and specifically looking at the structure and form of the plants in winter and then in full flower, in summer. Always best to learn from the best….

The Teddington Gardener

DSCF5509The beautiful collection of Old Roses at Mottisfont Abbey in Hampshire – displayed in three separate walled gardens, each with its own distinct character and altogether showcasing several hundred Old Roses varieties with a range of complimentary plants. And the fragrance! Be still my beating heart!

DSCF5460A preamble really to the subject matter today, introducing some elements of pruning and training Old Roses, climbing and rambling roses – eventually expanding later into an early spring maintenance regime so that your roses give their absolute best this summer and in the years to follow.

I’ve visited these impressive gardens both in winter and at their zenith in June and I thought it would be useful to look at some of the specimens to see how they have been cared for – contrasting them bare of leaf and flower – and see them too in their glorious summer garb.

69624_513893848649566_1894123755_nBuff Beauty here…

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