RHS Wisley – life and death in the Surrey hills… Hydrangeas, Camellias and Hellebores, mostly, Sorbus and Malus, Cornus, Salix and Rubus, Acer, Rhododendron, Chimonathus, Henry Moore and a Squirrel

The Teddington Gardener

IMG_1698Acer griseum, lauded for its peeling bark, caught here in the chill morning sunlight on the slopes of Battleston Hill at the RHS gardens at Wisley. The gardens feature the remnants of many fine plants, dying beautifully, hydrangeas foremost in this class, as well as the heralds of a new season, with the earliest hellebores and camellias adding vibrant colour to the landscape.

IMG_1532A fine stand of Hydrangea paniculata Vanille Fraise – photographed in full colour earlier in the year and still forming a significant presence in the winter garden.

IMG_1541IMG_1557IMG_1562Some species maintain their bulk, substantial elements in the gardens still – others give up almost everything, a fine tracery of veins all that remains –

IMG_1706IMG_1531IMG_1514Work in the big herbaceous borders, you can see the bulk of the hydrangeas on the slopes in the distance

IMG_1521IMG_1918Bare stems and bone white, but by no means bleak – Rubus biflorus has…

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