A force of nature …. bulbs for the festive season

  Bulbs for the Festive Season   I have a workshop tomorrow at the Nurseries where we will be exploring how to prepare, use and style with fragrant Paperwhite, Hyacinths and the drama that is undoubtedly the Hippeastrum (Amaryllis). These will add a richness and natural beauty to your homes throughout the Christmas period and in…

I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas… Hellebores, Tulips, Amaryllis, Anemones, Narcissus, Moth Orchids, Jasmine…

The Teddington Gardener

IMG_1309 Tulip – look out for White Triumphator, Purissima, Tres Chic, White Parrot

IMG_1328 Moth Orchids – the ubiquitous white but in a whole range of colours now

IMG_1278 Paperwhite Narcissus – early flowering and intensely fragrant

IMG_1416 Hellebore niger – the so called Christmas Rose

IMG_1419 Hellebore niger

IMG_1432 Jasmine officinale – a fragrant propeller-flowered climber

IMG_1439 Stately Amaryllis

IMG_1410 The green throat to a white Amaryllis

IMG_1379 More white tulips…

IMG_1378 White tulips

IMG_1428 Pristine white tulips, British Grown

IMG_1430 White flowers set off by grey-green leaves

IMG_1377 Tulips, White

IMG_1392 Anemone coronaria – a cool bloom amongst some intense jewel colours

IMG_1285 Tulips, with holly berries – Ilex verticillata

Plenty of choice here if you are looking to furnish your home and compliment a winter garden with white-flowering lovelies – tulips of course will be flowering outside next Spring but here is a taster of things to come. Paperwhite narcissus are properly in bloom now and fragrant they are too – next…

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You say amaryllis, I say hippeastrum

Flamenco Queen

The Teddington Gardener


Hippeastrum Royal Red

Sarah Raven, never one to shy away from strong colours, expounds on the beautiful amaryllis/hippeastrum…

The Telegraph 16th November 2007


Dazzlingly over-the-top, amaryllis are the perfect cut flower for Christmas. Sarah Raven shows how to grow and arrange them

Amaryllis have replaced poinsettias as Britain’s favourite Christmas plant and that’s a great thing.

These huge South African bulbs make brilliant winter house plants and are the longest-lasting winter cut flower you can buy. As cut stems, treated right, they’ll last nearly three weeks. And, if you take care of your bulbs, they will bloom again and again, putting on an extra inch in girth and producing an extra flower spike every year you keep them.

They’re expensive. But, cut or growing, they are well worth it. Old squares, such as my husband, think they are vulgar and over-the-top. But what, I wonder, is Christmas for? All…

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Flights of Fancy – Hippeastrums on trial at RHS Wisley

The Teddington Gardener

The Glasshouse at RHS Wisley is host to a trial of Hippeastrums (though you might say Amaryllis) and a fine show they make, with such a wide variety of form and colour, with giant trumpets and spidery filamentous-ness side by side, gentle pastels against the brassiest and brightest, velvet against satin against crystal.


Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) are the tropical South American plants that are so popular at Christmas for their large colourful blooms – and with 200 bulbs on display at Wisley they are providing a big splash of winter cheer.

We have close to 70 different varieties in the trial, and we want to see how well they perform over three flowering seasons.

We also aim to demonstrate how to get the best out of your bulbs because, with a little care, potted Hippeastrum bulbs can reward you with beautiful flowers over many years.

Along with the…

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