I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas… Hellebores, Tulips, Amaryllis, Anemones, Narcissus, Moth Orchids, Jasmine…

Tulip – look out for White Triumphator, Purissima, Tres Chic, White Parrot
Moth Orchids – the ubiquitous white but in a whole range of colours now
Paperwhite Narcissus – early flowering and intensely fragrant
Hellebore niger – the so called Christmas Rose
Hellebore niger
Jasmine officinale – a fragrant propeller-flowered climber
Stately Amaryllis
The green throat to a white Amaryllis
More white tulips…
White tulips
Pristine white tulips, British Grown
White flowers set off by grey-green leaves
Tulips, White
Anemone coronaria – a cool bloom amongst some intense jewel colours
Tulips, with holly berries – Ilex verticillata

Plenty of choice here if you are looking to furnish your home and compliment a winter garden with white-flowering lovelies – tulips of course will be flowering outside next Spring but here is a taster of things to come. Paperwhite narcissus are properly in bloom now and fragrant they are too – next Spring look out for names such as Thalia for a multi-headed narcissus with lovely white ruff and open white cups. Amaryllis might traditionally be thought of in their bright red garb but can be just as much a Statement houseplant in this greenish-white. The Christmas Rose, Helleborus niger, offers these pristine white blooms, with prominent boss of yellow stamens, much earlier than the oriental and hybrid cousins. A useful houseplant while in bloom, in a cooler room setting, but ultimately one for the garden or an outside container.

Jasmine officinale can be at home indoors, if space allows, or in a sheltered spot outside. In the hardest of winters the top growth may be lost, but it ought to be fully root hardy and will resprout the next spring.


My companion at lunch, to add a festive note to the proceedings, as if any were needed!


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