What have I been up to, I hear you ask? Behold British Cut Flowers & Richmond Hill, Festive outdoor containers, twinkling lights at Petersham, Pyromania, Air plants and Terrariums, scented pelargoniums and baubles!

IMG_1138IMG_1125IMG_1123IMG_1130IMG_1153IMG_1160British grown cut flowers at Petersham Nurseries this week – Cornish Anemones, Tulips, Ranunculus in mulberry shades, Woodstock Hyacinths – with Kokedama cyclamens hyacinths and other delights for the lunchtime table…

A few pictures to follow, as I have been rather busy, Christmas and wotnot, visiting family Up North, and these pages have been blank for a week or so –

IMG_1144Working backwards then, some views from the top of Richmond Hill today – in bright crystalline sunshine –

IMG_1074IMG_1111IMG_1067IMG_1080IMG_1085IMG_1052On Friday, after a very rainy dawn start and a visit to Covent Garden Flower Market to stock up on twigs and berries, I was able to work on a series of containers adding tall dogwood stems in reds and yellows, red-berried branches of Ilex verticillata, variegated ivies and cyclamen in white and red, cut fir branches too, for festive outdoor displays.

IMG_1038IMG_1032I do need to go back to the market for more – as I have other containers to Christmassy-fy next week, but it will be worth another early start.  Walking backwards for Christmas (sic Spike Milligan), the previous evening saw Petersham Nurseries open until late and this was rather special, with kokedama and floral demonstrations, carol singing, mulled wine and all manner of twinkling lights and candles – even Thug, the Petersham Cat, was  noticeably more sociable…

IMG_0976IMG_0999IMG_0995IMG_1013IMG_1008IMG_1019The hanging baubles (terrariums) filled with air plants have been eye-catchers – here they are in daylight

IMG_0871IMG_0874IMG_0842Attar of Roses scented pelargonium in flower in the Glasshouse – despite temperatures outside demanding braziers fired up with olive wood logs.. My Pyromaniac tendencies assuaged on Monday…

IMG_0796IMG_0766IMG_0771and finally, as I will be decorating my own Christmas tree tomorrow, a more traditional bauble or two (a ‘selfie’ in fact, see the hat…!)

IMG_0177Well, that was a little of my week….

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