I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas… Hellebores, Tulips, Amaryllis, Anemones, Narcissus, Moth Orchids, Jasmine…

The Teddington Gardener

IMG_1309 Tulip – look out for White Triumphator, Purissima, Tres Chic, White Parrot

IMG_1328 Moth Orchids – the ubiquitous white but in a whole range of colours now

IMG_1278 Paperwhite Narcissus – early flowering and intensely fragrant

IMG_1416 Hellebore niger – the so called Christmas Rose

IMG_1419 Hellebore niger

IMG_1432 Jasmine officinale – a fragrant propeller-flowered climber

IMG_1439 Stately Amaryllis

IMG_1410 The green throat to a white Amaryllis

IMG_1379 More white tulips…

IMG_1378 White tulips

IMG_1428 Pristine white tulips, British Grown

IMG_1430 White flowers set off by grey-green leaves

IMG_1377 Tulips, White

IMG_1392 Anemone coronaria – a cool bloom amongst some intense jewel colours

IMG_1285 Tulips, with holly berries – Ilex verticillata

Plenty of choice here if you are looking to furnish your home and compliment a winter garden with white-flowering lovelies – tulips of course will be flowering outside next Spring but here is a taster of things to come. Paperwhite narcissus are properly in bloom now and fragrant they are too – next…

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