My first look at RHS Wisley (this year) – Colourful winter stems, Alpine and Glasshouse finery and more…

The Teddington Gardener


I’m fortunate that the vast array of garden landscapes at RHS Wisley in Surrey are a short drive from Teddington HQ and that I can be as frequent a visitor as I am, without ever, ever being bored – there is always something, whatever the season, to delight and inspire.

This unseasonably mild weather (about to properly hit the skids with a decidedly chilly weekend to come) has meant that the Daphne, Camellia, Rhododendron and Witch Hazel have been a colourful and in their turn fragrant feature for several weeks and with this in mind, on this first visit of 2016, steered away from Seven Acre Woods and the meandering paths of Battleston Hill that I traversed just before Christmas.

A bright clear afternoon meant that the temperatures were already heading south, and so after enjoying the colourful twiggery by the lake, took to the Alpine House for a bejewelled…

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