Hip, Hip, Hooray (again…) More from the Rose Garden at Kew

The Teddington Gardener

DSCF2930 A glorious show from Bonica

Flowers there are in the Rose Garden at Kew- and a real treat they were too – but this is what I was expecting – a grand show of Rose Hips. Well, actually that is not strictly true, I wasn’t anticipating this brilliant extravaganza from the modern pink shrub rose, Bonica (above and below). It is a beautiful and very hardworking shrub – I saw an amazing example in Waterperry Gardens in the summer that was simply World Class, so full of flower it was. But I didn’t know it could give this kind of show. Showstopping.

DSCF2931 Bonica

DSCF2934 Bonica

DSCF2889 Rosa californica

DSCF2887 Rosa californica

Elsewhere, the wild rose, Rosa californica, was giving a rich and intense performance too..

DSCF2889 Rosa californica

Altogether more pale and interesting, the Pemberton creation, Penelope, with a more muted, chalky palette

DSCF2900 Penelope

DSCF2902 Penelope

With leaf and hip, Rosa virginiana was crimson and…

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