Just a little gallery – Acers through to Woodwardia – a horticultural catch-up of the past couple of colourful, autumnal weeks


Well, Acers first – from Wisley and Kew, Winkworth Arboretum and here and thereabouts! Followed by the rest of the As through to C ..s

…. and moving on through the D E F and a touch of the Gs – there’s a whole little gallery of Gentians afterwards – the more colourful elements throughout these galleries can probably be attributed to the splendid RHS Shades of Autumn London Show.

Gentians, as promised – luminous blues, deep sapphires and palest flush of cerulean skies ..

… before galloping on along with the rest of the Gs before hitting the Hs with Hedera – a little collection of ivies…

Hedera helix and other ivies

and moving swiftly through the remainder of the Hs, including a few Heucheras, and on through the horticultural alphabet through to the end of L – a little collection of lilies in there and ending up with the magnificent Liriodendron tulipifera …

and launching straight into M with Magnolia and marching on … with Malus, Miscanthus, Nerine and Nyssa …


R and S – including a study of quite a few Streptocarpus

Ts and tripping through to Woodwardia – no XYZ I’m afraid …

and so endeth this horticultural alphabet! …… though I have been to Kew Gardens and their place in the country, Wakehurst Place, in the last few days, so there will be more to come –


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