liquidamber hydrangea ruscus skimmiaIt’s been a little more difficult to keep this blog right up to date with details and pictures from my regular horticultural excursions, though I’ll try and do better – the last two entries have been vast galleries, carefully selected and duly annotated they are of course, but 2 galleries in two months eh?

My twitter account is more regularly fed – hungry thing that it is, it needs daily attention usually – and there is a link to it somewhere on this page – hunt down a little and to the left? right? Search for @Martin_Ogden on your twitter page and you’ll find me and hopefully add me to your daily diet of horticultural pot-pourri and pithy comment.

To whet your appetite – images from the last few days …

Now don’t get me started on Instagram – I’m there somewhere too – but that really is a rigmarole to deal with (no smart phone for me) and that square format… But I’m on there, honestly –