Back together again – explaining a near two-month absence….

Well, I’ve been rather busy …

  • Devon – The Garden House and Knightshayes Court
  • Cornwall – Eden Project, Barbara Hepworth Garden, Trellisick, Lanhydrock
  • Beth Chatto Gardens, Essex
  • RHS Wisley, several times including their Autumn Fair
  • Kew, several more times
  • East Bergholt Arboretum/Place for Plants, Suffolk
  • RHS Shades of Autumn Show, London
  • Waterperry Gardens, Oxfordshire
  • Waddesdon Manor, Oxfordshire
  • West Green House, Hampshire
  • Sir Harold Hillier Gardens, Hampshire
  • Petersham Nurseries
  • Rose Care and Pruning Workshop
  • Gardening – this Indian Summer has meant some lovely extra weeks in the gardening year
  • lots of photography

I’ve done a little tweeting, just to keep my online presence alive and weakly kicking, but my usual expansive and generous photography spreads have been absent from my blog – and Facebook too. One reason for my absence, which really should be a plus – and will be – but there’s a time factor I need to overcome.

I’ve bought a much better camera – a Nikon 7200 – and the file sizes for the individual photographs is now 15-20MB rather than the quite acceptable 2-3MB I’ve been used to, and have been happily using for blogging, facebook and tweetery. But, without a great deal of time-consuming file management, these new files are way too big (and unnecessary) for my blogging needs and I haven’t found a way yet of dealing with this – particularly given the sheer number of pictures I generally take…. I have a mind that the camera itself, with two slots for SD cards, can produce both a huge file, and a downsized version, so will have to explore this.

There’s another reason, which is just a little hush-hush, but I’ve my first proper photography commission and setting myself up for this project has taken hours and hours and hours – and hours. For an outdoors man, I’ve spent and an inordinately long time staring at a computer screen but I think this goes hand-in-hand with the photographers’ lot. Love taking the photos, but the downside is managing, editing, naming, filing and uploading new images. Next year will be even more interesting as I’ll be busier on all fronts.

I’m sure to find a compromise, particularly over the quieter winter months, so that I can manage my time at Petersham with all my other commitments. I love my blogging time, so will have to strike  balance somehow..

In the meantime, here are a couple of galleries featuring just a few photographs from the past ‘missing’ weeks – and follow my tweets if you like at @Martin_Ogden for more spontaneous photography and up-to-date commentary on my horticultural adventures…


5 thoughts on “Back together again – explaining a near two-month absence….

  1. Thank you for taking the time to post these. I also struggle with the downloading and editing of my pictures.

    1. Hi there, I try and do the downloading and filing of photos the day they are taken – they would build up to a mountain otherwise – and I do a rough edit/cull to bring the numbers down. For plants I usually have a photograph of the plant and another of the label (if there is one) but sometimes I need to find the name of the plant and this can take a while! I try not to use any photo editing if I can help it – I might adjust the contrast or highlights. A polarising filter does wonders on the camera itself, especially in the autumn/fall, to cut glare and bring out the best in the rich reds and warm colours. Nevertheless it is time consuming – I spent three hours at the computer yesterday (luckily it was raining!)

      All the best with your photography adventures! Martin

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