a little late summer turning to autumn herbaceousness for your delight and delectation…. It has been a few days since my last blog entry and I have been busy working, gardening and photographing.

A new camera has already improved the picture offering I think, with more natural and realistic colours. With file sizes between 10MG and 20MB the most recent and future photos really ought to be a step up in quality and definition.

But to business and a gallery, or two, or three to bring us more or less up to date with my horticultural magpie-eye…

Next … a few roses, surprisingly, given the rain and relatively chill month, are in very fine fettle and very floriferous. A good florisaison, a word I came across today…

and a few Dahlias – very late, getting going and they haven’t caught up to their display last season, even yet.

and an update on the sunflower trials I reported on at the end of July. Mostly these have gone over completely, a quantity of seedheads and tatty petals. Some, of which these are the best, are still the best.

and a medley of other treats that caught my eye in the past few days …

and a turn to the leafier spectrum, first with Heuchera and Heucherellas – followed (and finally) by Solostemon (Coleus)


…. and Solenostemon (Coleus)