A Chill Yorkshire Odyssey to end the Year and some Art at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park to begin 2015


IMG_2580A walk from Grimwith Reservoir towards Skyreholme, past the delightful (but closed) house and gardens at Parceval Hall and over the snowy moors. Parceval Hall is well worth the effort, an Arts and Craft star in a very unexpected setting.

From my own back catalogue…





This icy New Year’s Eve walk was followed on New Year’s Day by a couple of hours wandering through the Yorkshire Sculpture Park – a landscape set off by a catalogue of classic and modern works…


There may not be room for such monumental pieces in our own gardens, but there is a place for Art – a matter of scale of course – and serving a purpose too – defining a space, creating a focal point, or it may simply be as a piece of whimsy. Not too much, mind you..







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