Happy New Year from Thug, the Petersham Cat (now leave me alone…)

P1030767My first introduction to Thug, the not-so sociable Petersham Nurseries Cat, in March this year. I’d like to think that we have grown close over the past nine months but I think this would be an… exaggeration, is that the word? Here are a few of his Moments in 2014…

P1030556P1030534P1020975P1050134P1050129P1050128P1050127P1050126P1050125P1040907P1040906DSCF9487DSCF3632DSCF9664DSCF9663DSCF9662DSCF9659DSCF9655DSCF7208DSCF7201DSCF0204DSCF0191DSCF0148DSCF2700DSCF2693DSCF2692IMG_0995IMG_1013IMG_1019IMG_1400and so it is a sad good-bye to 2014 and all our hopes and wishes – from Thug too – for a very happy, healthy and beautiful New Year. Thug and I will continue to bond and who knows, may even become firm  friends... tolerated, yes tolerated, – that’s the word I was looking for!

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