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The clattering of rubies…


Rosa sericea pteracantha/Rosa omeiensis pteracantha

Rather an odd heading but then the thorns of this rose are spectacular, glowing like rubies against morning and evening sun – and the clattering – if you are near one of these bushes on a windy winter day, it makes quite a din. Big percussion thorns these.

Of the Pimpinellafolia group, this rose has delicate fern-like foliage contrasting with brown stems clad with huge, wedge-shaped thorns – red, as you can see. The flowers though small, are beautiful, being white, single and made up of four petals only. These are followed by small, oval to round, bright orange-red hips.

Grows to 10′ x 6’/ 3m x 1.8m. Can cope with shadier spots, poorer soils, woodland situations, with good autumn colour. Once flowering, but then you have these winged thorns and later, hips.

There is another form, … pteracantha atrosanguinea, the same but with slightly deeper red, translucent thorns and later, darker red, almost black hips.

This picture taken at Parcevall Hall Gardens in their rose garden, in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales and at a little shy of 270m above sea level… Tough cookie!

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