Dahlias at Petersham Nurseries

A few stowaways at the end of the gallery but Dahlias all the way otherwise, all in bloom in the Cutting Garden at Petersham Gardens Nurseries. The brain-child of the gardening team headed up by Rosie Bines and at the moment – and for the months ahead until the first frost, a miracle of floral abundance that we shall mine for all of our late summer floral needs. Sadly I don’t know the names of many of the varieties but will endeavour to get a planting plan for the borders, as we did earlier in the season for the tulips. But my, aren’t they glorious and will only get better. Come and have a look if you are in the area …


Our own Babylon Dahlias, those glorious dinner-plate dahlias, arrive within the week. Cafe-au-Lait, rich purples, fabulous Otto’s Thrill…. many more,. Can’t wait …

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