Roses at Petersham Nurseries

Roses are at the fore of Petersham Nurseries with a fantastic selection of floriferous and healthy plants on display, with some quite amazing fragrance. New 2018 introductions, the Mill on the Floss and the single yellow Tottering-by-Gently – are exclusively available at a few choice nurseriess, me included! And please pop your nose into Lady Emma Hamilton for a mind-blowing fragrance experience! Expert help and advice is on hand so for information and growing confidence, there really is no better place! My personal view of course but I am the Rose Man at Petersham Nurseries ! Come and see us- and smell us …

2 thoughts on “Roses at Petersham Nurseries

  1. Wow! Just gorgeous. On my last visit to London in May, I was able to peek into the Petersham Nurseries shop in Covent Garden — heaven! Maybe next summer I will finally make my way to the nursery itself. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos!

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