Dahlias at Petersham Nurseries

A few stowaways at the end of the gallery but Dahlias all the way otherwise, all in bloom in the Cutting Garden at Petersham Gardens Nurseries. The brain-child of the gardening team headed up by Rosie Bines and at the moment - and for the months ahead until the first frost, a miracle of floral…

A Petersham Nurseries Gallery – after heatwaves and downpours, the show just gets better and better

A kaleidoscope of perennials, with all manner of colourful stuff doing it's thing, plenty of Echinacea, Salvias and Dahlias and much more besides - of course a rose or two. Bright bold and beautiful summer characters, whatever your garden style. I love this little fellow on the Monarda, especially    

A few things that caught my eye today – Petersham Nurseries – flower therapy and a quote from Cabaret, what more do you need?

Flower therapy, this. From Petersham Nurseries today.  To quote from Cabaret - 'Leave your troubles outside, So- life is disappointing? Forget it! We have no troubles here! Here life is beautiful... ' After this you can go back to Brexit/Conservative Leadership/Chilcot Report/Euro 2016/24HourNews/Emails... 'What good's permitting some prophet of doom To wipe every smile away…

Sunday, Monday – Happy Days…. sweet peas, dahlias, the Petersham Cat and more….

A few pictures from yesterday and today, two gloriously sunny days at Petersham Nurseries. Just lovely.

The Cutting Garden at Petersham Nurseries – from Zero to Hero in four months

↑ 20th February.. ↓ 27th June.... and there is still a way to go... the Babylon dahlias have yet to come fully into their stride, and I will continue to watch with wonder as new plants rise up, planting combinations surprise and delight; this long border will continue to be a productive cutting garden until…