Such a beautiful day, yesterday, 24th November, under a bright blue clear sky and welcome sunshine. Chill but quite beautiful. I’d never seen the car parks so full – in fact I was directed over a mile down the lane towards the village before heading cross-country into previously unseen fields before making the trek back up to the entrance.

There’s a craft fair on it turns out and being a beautiful day, well the crowds were out in force. Happily it seems almost all of them were heading into the fair leaving me often quite alone among the trees and late Autumn finery.

They have started a new Wisteria Walk near the entrance and crossing the bottom of the double herbaceous borders – and I wandered up and through the Cottage Garden, the Bowes-Lyon Rose Garden, into the Alpine House, down through the Rock Garden and into the planting by the lake and into the Glasshouse.

And thence on to the Tea House, some remarkable Birch trees and the stand of colourful willow, ornamental blackberry and dogwoods before making my way back to the Cottage Garden (love the tracery if Rosa mulligani against the blue) ,,,,

and on in to the Plant Centre. Hellebore and Camellias aplenty as you might expect.

I hope you have enjoyed the tour!