A frosty morning at Petersham Nurseries – and the Christmas Trees arrive …

Almost a perfect mirror, crossing by Teddington Lock this morning. Had to stop and take a picture though Important Business going on at Petersham Nurseries with the arrival of the Christmas trees. They were packed up for us in Warwickshire at about 5am to get to us in time for opening. Busy Busy.

But first I had to have a look around the nurseries as frost rimed many of the plants, so delicately, and the first rays of the morning sun soon cleared away the spectacle.

But to business with the trees ….

Beautiful Nordmann Firs, from little ‘uns through to 2.25m beauties. I had thought not to have a Christmas tree this year (I have a suspended holly bush in my mind for the conservatory) but I’m sure once I have sorted through this selection tomorrow, well I might have to reserve on before they are all taken.

I love the traditions people create for themselves and their families, about choosing their perfect tree whether it is the first one a couple might pick together, or a long-running full-on family affair, helping them select just the right tree is something I look forward to each year. Just remember, you are very likely to go back to the very first tree you saw. Just saying.

Let the season begin!

8 thoughts on “A frosty morning at Petersham Nurseries – and the Christmas Trees arrive …

    1. We’ve mostly had Nordmann Firs, but also Norway Spruce and Blue Spruce – the Nordmanns are cut for us in a plantation in Warwickshire and behave beautifully throughout the season – all the best to you for the New Year

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