The Rose Garden at Kew. Vital still in November ….

Remember Remember the 5th of November, Gunpowder, treason and…. Roses? This floriferous rose garden certainly has other ideas about a quiet slide into senescence, leaf-drop and rose-hips – these are flower-packed shrubs with more to come.

Colour, fragrance aplenty and fresh, clean leaves in abundance. A remarkable display given it really is November and hardly any of the plants in this rose garden are showing signs of giving up. They are performing beautifully. The repeat-flowering David Austin varieties are here in force, modern shrubs such as Bonica ’82 are phenomenal and all backed up by the Pemberton Hybrid Musks in terms of sheer flower-power. The summer-flowering and species roses are giving us healthy foliage and green-appeal, with the start of the hip-hip-hooray season with flashes of scarlet and ruby (Rosa x hibernica in particular).

All in all a real treat and a surprise to see to many healthy flower-filled specimens this late in the year, to breathe in their appealing scent and to thank our lucky stars for rosarians like David Austin and his amazing team. Kew, I might add, have got it right with an amazing, well-tended, healthy and well-cared for display. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “The Rose Garden at Kew. Vital still in November ….

  1. Fabulous! Made my day! Thank you for posting your beautiful pictures. That Lady’s Blush captured my heart. Trying to figure out if I have any room for her or not (probably not), but I have a couple of months to figure it out!

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