Life in Death – Rebecca Louise Law at the Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art, Kew Gardens

A real treat to see this installation by Rebecca Louise Law. I’d read an article in the Kew subscribers magazine, and someone had mentioned it to me though I confess it had dropped from my immediate consciousness until yesterday and I veered across the lawns to the Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art.

375,000 flowers, preserved and threaded onto fine copper wire, these garlands hung from the ceiling of one of the galleries here – with a walkway through the middle making this a truly immersive experience. And worthy of close inspection too, for the variety, colour and density of the many hundreds of hanging threads isn’t uniform – hence my rather many photographs.

Some garlands dense and richly coloured, many light and airy, a little blue here, seeds there and all so beautifully, carefully spaced – it is a work of technical art, preserving the individual floral elements, their precise geometry in the way they are hung and spaced, of the interplay of the various elements and the views they open up and then obscure. Of something fresh and yet quite dead….

It is on until next March, 2018. Read more at …

The Marianne North Galleries are worthy of inspection too – I don’t think I’d ever been in here before – and her story is remarkable …

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