In dappled woodland shade, much colour at Kew Gardens … a veritable rainbow of red, yellow, pink, blue, orange, purple (somewhere), green of course – and white … @kewgardens #SpringAtKew

A reblog of a Spring post from the Woodland Garden at Kew – the end of March 2015. Adding some colour to the long lists I’ve just posted on the art of gardening in shade …

The Teddington Gardener

IMG_9568 Leucojum aestevum against blue Scilla

Leucojum aestuvum in great drifts in the borders surrounding the Temple of Aeolus, the very cultivated woodland area at Kew Gardens. Hints of the expansive carpets of Scilla in the background.

IMG_9537 Summer snowflake – Leucojum aestevum

IMG_9539 Great drifts of vigorous Scilla

IMG_9548 Scilla colonising these banks

IMG_9546 Scilla in detail

IMG_9552 Iris lazica

IMG_9560 Iris lazica

IMG_9550 Pulmonaria rubra

IMG_9575 Stachyurus praecox var matzuzakii with great pendant curtains of flower

IMG_9578 Stachyurus praecox

IMG_9580 Drifts of scilla continue

IMG_9570 Magnolia stellata and the Temple of Aeolus on the mount

IMG_9581 Renovation work on the grass edging

IMG_9585 Crown Imperial Fritillaries

IMG_9586 Scilla and daffodils in the dappled shade of the woodland

IMG_9587 Blue and white Scilla

IMG_9605 Arum creticum

IMG_9597 Arum creticum

IMG_9599 More blue and the rarer, white scilla

IMG_9610 Highly scented Crown Imperials

IMG_9615 Loving the dappled shade, these Fritillaria imperialis

IMG_9622 Cornus mas

IMG_9628 Cornus mas with matching lichen

IMG_9640 Hercules and Aechelus in the lake

IMG_9641 Plaque for the lake fountain sculpture and…

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