The best of the rest from RHS Wisley; a grand Stachyurus, a great Edgworthia chrysantha Grandiflora and a huge Fuji Cherry, Corylopsis (2), many Corydalis and Camellias and other Woodland Stars plus the Plant Centre (see the Fritillaria meleagris & persica Ivory Bells) …! @RHSWisley #Wisley #SpringAtWisley

A revisit to RHS Wisley in March 2015, to compliment my recent workshop on shade gardening – and there is certainly no lack of colour to be had in these woodland places ….

The Teddington Gardener

IMG_0490IMG_0488IMG_0486Stachyurus chinensis, a beautiful golden rain next to the House at RHS Wisley, looking across to the Lily Pond, past the King and Queen..

IMG_0492IMG_0435IMG_0419IMG_0422IMG_0426IMG_0418An exceptional specimen this, spicily fragrant and with larger flowers than the common-or-garden variety – there is one Ordinary specimen next to the Stachyurus pictured above that is going over now, while this one, in a shadier spot in the centre of the Bowles Corner garden, is much fresher altogether.


IMG_0439IMG_0441IMG_0450IMG_0451IMG_0446IMG_0416IMG_0415IMG_0412Working my way now back along the upper path above the meadow towards the Rock Garden…

IMG_0410IMG_0405IMG_0402A little collection of Corydalis now in the shade of one of the larger trees, though with no labels to tell me which they might be..

IMG_0397IMG_0394IMG_0393IMG_0391IMG_0390IMG_0387Curious flowers, these and I have never been sure that I actually like them – seeing them in this mix, little pockets of colour among other spring bulbs, I think I might…


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