Kew Gardens – the Woodland Gardens providing welcome shade, dappled and deep and a rich tapestry of leaf, flower & fragrance

I thought I’d reblog this post following my workshop at Petersham Nurseries earlier this week – gardening in the shade – Spring through early Summer. This post was in June 2015. My notes for the workshop will be up in a new post soon.

The Teddington Gardener

After giving a talk on the beauty and possibilities of gardening in the shade – indeed on a day like today and with temperatures set to soar next week, the necessity of shade and all that means, it was a timely visit to the woodland gardens beneath the tall trees that wrap around the lower slopes of the Temple of Aeolus. These are well tended, heavily mulched and well watered gardens though many of the plants will cope with much drier soils and some, deeper shade again.

Green is the thing – with such a variety of leaf shape, form, colour and texture that it is by no means boring. Bold, grass-like, pleated, rough, shiny, tiny, the filtered light allows all of the detail to be seen. While the over-arching colour scheme is green, the same cool light allows the flowers to stand out – they pack quite a punch…

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