The Teddington Gardener

Petersham Nurseries at Grow London Garden Fair – creating a wild and beautifully poised, intensely detailed, naturally exuberant garden – quintessentially, eccentrically Petersham and just about tamed for this eclectic modern garden show…

IMG_7151Thomas Broom, Rosie Bines and Amanda Brame of Petersham Nurseries, who have created this wild Eden, a distillation of Petersham Nurseries for the Grow London Garden Fair on Hampstead Heath, open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

IMG_7153…. as the marquee empties and lights are switched off, the garden waits for the first visitors tomorrow. I’m there on Saturday and Sunday so I’ll put together a few plant lists for this feature garden, more photographs of this and other exciting things on show (though this is undoubtedly the best!) – but come and see for yourself please – there are a series of demonstrations each day and talks in the main theatre every day.

If you are inspired, come to Petersham Nurseries itself for the unusual and extensive mix of perennial plants and roses on sale, visit the glasshouses for handpicked home ware and antiques, the Garden Shop for everything the discerning gardener might need – take tea in the Tea House (and cake, and salads and….) and luxuriate amongst the Bougainvillea in the restaurant for a perfectly memorable meal. As I found out this evening, the train goes from Hampstead Heath to Richmond in under half and hour and after a walk through the meadows or along the River Thames towpath – there you are….




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  1. Lisa - Ontario

    I was just reading about your fantastic display at the Frustrated Gardener! I know more about the horticultural goings ons in the UK than I do in Ontario. Perhaps I need to move. Have fun Saturday and Sunday!

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