Mayfield Lavender Farm

Another visit to Mayfield Lavender near Banstead in Surrey – in fact I stayed so long taking pictures and sitting in among the rows of lavender that the nursery I actually went to visit closed for the day by the time I got there… tomorrow then. I bought some lemon and lavender marmalade, peach and lavender jam and a jar of Gooseberry and Lavender jam…. and a loaf of excellent lavender bread!

The fields were planted in 2002 and 2003 I think and the farm is an established picnic spot now, with on site cafe and lavender products on sale too – oils and unguents, soaps and sodas. They have issues with the rosemary beetle which is threatening the crop and for which volunteers are wanted to help pick off these iridescent but unwelcome visitors.

Still a long way to go as some of the fields were not yet fully in flower and those that are should still be looking good for weeks to come.

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