Overcast all day, some rain but with some bright sparks and highlights… fiery Spirea, white/grey/yellow combinations, tall bamboos and a TARDIS-like van, new roses, a cutting garden update

DSCF3191DSCF3205DSCF3215DSCF3188DSCF3199DSCF3186DSCF3202Fire and gold tints throughout this display – from an unexpected source – Spirea nipponica Snowmound is better known for its smothering of white blossom on arching stems in June and July but this vigorous shrub is putting on a spectacular finish, teamed with spires of Molinea grasses, fountains of green Liriope muscari, berries of Skimmia reevisiana and flowers of claret-red Skimmia rubella, caramel-coloured leafy Heuchera with peachy bells, heathers and deep green trailing ivies.

DSCF3179 Elsewhere, bright yellow spires of Mahonia vie with arching stems of Cream Wave phormium, contrasting globes of box and myrtle, fragrant rosemary, the burgundy of an oak-leaved Hydrangea, white heather, grey cinerea and metallic silver Convolvulus cneorum, deep green leafy hellebores. White, silver, yellow and shades of green.

DSCF3168The Cutting Garden meanwhile is transformed – the sunflowers have been cut down, the dahlias lifted and the newly bare earth enriched with fresh bulbs – alliums, fritillaries, hyacinths and tulips galore.

DSCF3180The new season roses from David Austin have arrived, with serried ranks of bamboo canes marking the climbers and ramblers… shrubs too, of course.

DSCF3182DSCF3171These 4-5m bamboos, Phyllostachys aurea, are for one of my customers and I’m very pleased I managed to transport them, in my little Ford Connect Van using a little ingenuity, an open passenger-side window and some string to secure the tops against the wing mirror. Think part jousting, part tank….

DSCF3225DSCF3230Meanwhile, Christmas rumblings in the Garden Shop…..

DSCF3236What’s not to love about a Monday, eh?

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