Sunshine, hurrah – a country church yard, that display again, a huge basket of Spirea, a bit of Mahonia, Camellia sasanqua and Bambi, also again…

DSCF3239DSCF3241DSCF3252DSCF3261DSCF3265DSCF3284DSCF3285DSCF3274DSCF3245Sunshine today and a few things that caught my eye – walking past St. Peter’s Church yard in Petersham this morning; the sun shining on the display (pictured yesterday but with the benefit of sunbeams); an oversized stone basket with more golden Spirea; some equally sunny Mahonia and one of the earlier-flowering Camellias, the pink C. sasanqua. Finishing up with Bambi again…..

Happy Tuesday folks!

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