Autumn finery at Kew Gardens – Liquidambers, of course, my favourite Cotinus, Liriodendron, Hamamelis and Prunus, the ornamental cherries…


Blue skies, sunshine and a long hour at Kew Gardens to spy some autumnal goings on with a collection of amazing trees. I didn’t travel far from the Palm House and I know there would be much, much more to see if I had to time to explore further – I really wanted to see the Gingkos for example – but I can’t complain as you can see…

Liquidambers, often quite substantial garden trees, mostly conical in habit with maple-ish leaves, always give some of the very best Autumn fireworks, with bonfire colours like these. I’m just a little late for the display at Kew Gardens, the trees are near bare, but the effect is still quite striking.

More liquidamber below (L. styraciflua).


DSCF2775(Below) The tulip tree, Liriodendron tulipifera, with these distinctive leaves – this one a sapling, was also sporting some end-of-season finery.

DSCF2732DSCF2730DSCF2761Parrotia persica (above) and witch hazel, Hamamelis, (below) both part of the Mediterranean landscape. I’ve photographed the witch hazels in flower  – not long now, really, but they have much to recommend them with these technicolour traffic-light-colours just now.

DSCF2780DSCF2782DSCF3121This is one of my favourite trees at Kew, by the Victoria Gate entrance – Cotinus obovatus – and I had just about got there in time, as there has been a lot of leaf drop. Back lit in the afternoon sun, it is an amazing sight.

DSCF3129DSCF3135DSCF3071One of the avenues leading off from the Palm House, beyond the Rose Garden. On the perimeter of the Rose Garden too is the Cherry collection –

DSCF3060DSCF2958Just peaking over the topiary here, the reds and russets of the ornamental cherries. Coming from the Mediterranean Garden, the view opens up to take in the Palm House.

DSCF2801DSCF2806DSCF2787DSCF2785DSCF2790Prunus Matsumae Hanagurama (above) and Prunus Taoyoma Zakura (below)

DSCF2808DSCF2809DSCF2813DSCF2815Prunus Tai Haku (below)

DSCF2820DSCF2827DSCF2828DSCF2829DSCF2832DSCF2816We appreciate the ornamental cherries for their dazzling spring blossom – and I have photographed and blogged about these very specimens year upon year. I’ll appreciate these trees even more having taken a closer look at their subtle autumn colouring, quilted leaves and fine serrated margins.

Another look at the Cotinus obovatus (below) – can’t resist –

DSCF2709DSCF2720Heading back to the Victoria Gate and Plaza, by the lake, newly planted bedding in the parterre and passing by the War Memorial…


DSCF3138A link here to Kew and more autumnal highlights –


Finally, a look at a nearby house, opposite the garden I look after in Kew actually, where the Virginia Creeper seems to be winning….


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