A hebe that thinks it’s a box



Hebe buxifolia nana – perfect tiny stacking towers of deep green, shiny leaves

A dwarf ‘boxwood’ Hebe, a neat compact domes plant, growing no more than 30cm tall and wide, white flowers in the spring marking this out as something other than a clipped topiary box (Buxus). Native of New Zealand  – my town garden situations should present no difficulties for the marginally tender nature of these plants. Cold, they can manage some, cold+wet, is not a good combination.


I’m thinking this would be a good addition to the Mediterranean Garden I’m planning in Kew environs, perhaps adding Hebe pinguifolia ‘Pagei’ for a grey-green colour contrast, Hebe cupressoides Boughton Dome for another twist. Domes and cushions, I need.


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