Unlocking the secrets of Petersham Nurseries (Day One)

...and a shop like no other. Wonderland. Petersham Nurseries looking scrumptious today.

Roses, Petersham Nurseries and Sunshine

Petersham Nurseries in the sunshine this afternoon. A lovely Spring Day with a beautiful, warm and sunny weekend ahead. So much to take in but I have to start with roses... Roses all the way down both sets of benches here - a diverse selection but many, many classic shrub and Old Roses and it…

Orchids at Kew – last call….

The Orchid Festival at Kew ends this Sunday - 9th March - and if you can get there, it comes highly recommended. And it is at least 21 degrees centigrade in there, with a tropical soundtrack to boot. Gorgeous. http://www.kew.org/visit-kew-gardens/whats-on/orchids/