A busy day today – but this time I’m the client…


At last! Time for My Garden and taking out a large stand of Prunus laurocerasus (and not a little  aucuba, yew, euonymus and pyracantha) which has taken over a sizeable part of the garden over the past five years – revealing a large bamboo which can be seen from the house now – balancing the Phyllostachys nigra on the opposite side.

This is the sunny side of the garden and deserves something which will appreciate the warmth any sun might give (it is a north-west facing garden, but all parts catch the sun at some time during the day, starting at the bottom of the garden in the morning and working its way round to the house by about 7pm, High Summer).

Certainly the garden feels wider already, and the Breeze House tucked under the large Horse Chestnut Tree is not so impossibly well-hidden – or difficult to get to, squeezing between the bamboos and the now ex-Laurel.

New ground eh? What shall I plant?! And where did the sun go…?


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