From Japanese Maples to a lone Japanese Anemone…

Aviary Photo_130284841995481556

Japanese Anemone

It pays to pay attention to your own garden – especially when you’ve been so busy or the weather has been against you, or the newly dark evenings have caught you by surprise. Perhaps, like me, you have been anxious to take in the show at Wisley or Kew (replace with your own local ‘Significant Garden’). You might just have been clearing leaves, or attending to bulb planting.  Or waiting for the rain to stop.

The Acers in my garden are ablaze with colour, all fiery reds – the smoke bushes are on the turn too. Big things, really, and expected. But this afternoon, my garden gave me this one, lone Japanese Anemone flower from a stand entirely without bloom now for many weeks. Near hidden, pulled down by the incessant rain and almost touching the deck. I will have to double check the variety (September Charm?). The display in full spate was lovely, the flowers alive with the buzz with insect life. One solitary flower, so late in the year, has been just as welcome.

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