The Savill Garden Autumn Gallery

Virginia Water in Autumn

A walk around the whole of Virginia Water, from The Savill Garden, past ruins and totem poles, cascades and beneath glorious autumn colour. Low, slanting sun, blue skies, golden foliage... Rejuvenating!

The Savill Garden in Autumn (Part 4) Please do look through their own website and if you are anywhere near, any time of year, go visit! There you are - the final installment from The Savill Garden, this afternoon. OK, I confess, I did continue around the vastness of Virginia Water, but those photographs come later...

The Savill Garden in Autumn (Part 1)

A tour this afternoon around The Savill Garden, part of the Royal Landscape of Windsor Great Park. Bright blue skies, bright autumn colours - from the Japanese Maples in particular - but all manner of autumn glories too. Recommended!