Our common cowslip, Primula veris, is looking delicious at the moment, with nodding, fragrant, deep yellow flowers. I have a book which recommends pickling the flower-buds (in layers, with distilled vinegar and a little sugar) for use as a piquant chutney. Hmmn.

Another little beauty is this scented viola, Columbine, which stands no more than a few inches high but each and every flower deserves close inspection, white and variously streaked with blues and lavender.



And finally, a small white Pulsatilla, from the Pinwheel Group.

One for the alpine bench/bed and another plant that deserves close-up attention.


This photograph taken against the evening sun and with a wash of purple heather. There are no doubt bigger and more colourful pasque flowers, but the simplicity of this little creature won me over this evening.