Carnivorous plants….

Usually, sometime during each week, a particular plant will catch my eye. Something new to me or as in this case, an aspect I hadn’t considered. Pitcher plants flower! A single tray of glorious plants with varied variegation and in bloom. The £10 ebay purchase of 4 volumes of the Dictionary of Gardening comes in handy…

Sarracenia (For Dr M Sarrazin de L’Etang (1659-1734), physician at the Court of Quebec). 8 species of carnivorous herbaceous perennials. [Now the flowers…] “inflorescence usually much exceeding pitchers; scape unbranched, naked, glaucous, flower pendulous, opening before young pitchers mature in spring, thereby preventing undesirable capture of pollinating insects; calyx subtended by 3-4 bracts, overlapping, persistent, green to red… style dilated at apex into peltate, umbrella like structure, with 5 ribs terminating under its angles into hooked stigmas.” .. more technical description ..

But glorious to see these strange flowers atop very tall stems, with petals and without and strange umbrella structures. Happy Day.

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