RHS Wisley – woodlanders, rock gardens and alpines, many roses and more …



If like me you have rejoiced in the fact that the gardens at RHS Wisley have reopened, but chagrinned that the timed visitor slots are booked solid though to the middle of July, a little public service blogging here, reprising a trip to the gardens exactly a year ago. You needn’t miss all the midsummer beauty that Wisley had to offer this time in 2019.

“The weather has been decidedly un-summery these past few days and further North, it is set to be one of the wettest on record. Us softy Southerners, by geography if not by birth, have it a little brighter but still, dank, damp, humid and overcast. Still, I wanted to see the new retail space and plant area, which was opened (amidst torrential rain) on Monday by Alan Titchmarsh; more of that another time.

I wanted to have a look around the gardens as well, of course, but restricted myself to the Seven Acre Wood, Rock Garden and Bowes Lyons Rose Garden mostly. Not, I think, my best photography, and I was using my macro/portrait 105mm fixed lens, which has a tendency to produce overbought images I’m finding. But some beautiful roses, suffering from the wet, damp weather, but still much beauty, and fragrance to be had. Enjoy the galleries.

Sculpture too, throughout the gardens, I didn’t see much – Henry Moore, Lynn Chadwick and probably a lot more – another visit then … First though, Peonies – “




The following are all from Seven Acre Wood, bounded by lawns and lake on one side, the Glasshouse and the Rock Garden on the other. A beautiful woodland landscape and I have to say the Candelabra Primula were sensational, the Alliums too – Globemaster I think –

Which brings us out into the open to climb the Rock Garden, heading to the Alpine House and Bowes-Lyons Rose Garden beyond …

Some impressive Pitcher plants in flowers, and outside, out by the Alpine House, a lot of bees buzzing and busy …

The Roses …. studded with some imaginative and bold complimentary planting, Salvias, Ligularia, Perovskia, Geranium, Sambucus, grasses … Most images of labels precede the rose itself, I hope … The flowering Dogwoods are at their absolute zenith –

This last one is The Ancient Mariner

Which leads us to the Cottage Garden and home …

Not much, I appreciate, by way of explanation, but just touching base with a garden I like this much, and to capture some of the points of interest on an early June, damp day …. Plenty of photos on my phone of the new retail space; I just have to work out a way of quickly uploading them onto the blog. It is a huge new space, with much to recommend it, though it will take a little getting used to. A return visit is definitely necessary …

Thank you for tuning in this time around. I’ll be talking Edible Flowers in my next blog, to coincide with a workshop at Petersham Nurseries next week. All very exciting!


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