Postcards from Wales – Erddig

Memory Lane – June 2017.

Erddig, now in the hands of the National Trust, represents a House and Estate that had suffered successive generations (seven or more) of penury and all of the neglect that comes with well-intentioned but financially improverished ownership. Good intentions but lack of funds saw this beauty diminished until the NT took the helm and have halted the decline, but not necessarily to return the interiors, now watertight, to their former glory. The story of the family is the story of the house and it is well told in the work the Trust have done. The Gardens however have been recreated to their 18th Century glory and were a real treat. Large expanses of water, topiary and parterres, allees of pleached trees and beautiful glasshouses.

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At this point and on the recommendation of the B&B at Wollaston, ventured to the Country Garden Rose Nursery and found it most agreeable. I bought ‘Perennial Blue’, a repeat flowering rambler that I so admired on the Peter Beales stand at Chelsea and had a rather lovely piece of Victoria Sponge. Plus they have cats – Thomas and Marmite – who also love a slice of cake, apparently.

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