Remembrance of An East Sussex Odyssey and the jewel in the crown, Great Dixter (2018)


An impossibly bright day, just like today, but taking us back two years to 2018 and a late spring coming back after the Beast from the East chilled (froze) the country over several weeks. Too bright for really good photography but a pleasure to remember. Enjoy.

Well this time I’ll let the pictures do the talking. And I nearly didn’t call in this time around to Great Dixter and am so glad I did. I don’t recall that I have visited in Spring before (it is a stupendous garden in late summer and autumn) and I did attend one of Fergus Garrett’s day course on succession planting and perhaps that was earlier in the year. But Oh My Goodness – what a show there is just now and obviously so much more to come. Giant Fennel is on my plant lust list now – but then again to choose just one thing? Impossible. The tapestry and complex texture of the planting, wild, free and yet obviously exactly where it is wanted, is mind-blowing. More please. Enjoy the photos ….



One thought on “Remembrance of An East Sussex Odyssey and the jewel in the crown, Great Dixter (2018)

  1. Again thank you. Christo as he loved to be called was good with arrangements daring in fact .Some of his ideas I really liked.Then he grubbed out that magnificent noble English rose garden to put in its place a wild jungle of assorted plants. For me that was the last visit to see him. I thought he had finally gone mad. In fact so did many of us think the same.Hidcote is the best gardens I know of arts and craft design . Sissinghurst has some good ideas not only the white garden she took from Lawrence Johnston as now the red borders that have in planting nothing to do with its creator just that welsh bloke who took away all statues and changed everything to his won design. Statues went to houses belonging to Trust as Thomas said they have no place in a garden which shows what a basic idiot Graham Thomas really was and had no right to do. I saw Hidcote in the way it was designed with some lovely pots and urns and statues of artist merit.What the gardeners have done to Christopher Lyoids gardens has improved and tidied it up really well seeing your photos as that was never as it was in Chrisro day.He liked wild jungles as to so Monty Don adores. Not my sort of garden at all. Neat and pleasant the plants the stars in a back drop of colour .fountains ponds statues and arts and craft summer house with stained glass windows and a Lutchens bench on stone flagged floor. Bird song and lots of scents of roses and lavender and Im in deep to my gardens like you are .Thanks for the modern take of Dixter dont know how Great came in to it but there we are perhaps another Christo moment

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