The RHS London Orchid Show – 6th April 2018 – A truly extravagant show and worth another look? Definitely.

This 2018 show, on this day, was by far and away the busiest and most well attended of any show the RHS has put on in its London Halls. And what exceptionally well informed folk, public and exhibitors alike. It was a real treat, shuffling along from one stand to the next. Worth reprising I think …


A day in town, visiting the Royal Horticultural Society Orchid Show at the Horticultural Halls by Vincent Square. Me and rather a lot of other folk – this was by far the busiest I have ever seen one of these London shows and speaks to the quality, calibre and quantity of exhibitors with their amazing charges. Sensory overload, it was – with gem after gem, after rarity, after something even more unusual, more geographically diverse and sometimes downright strange. I loved the show though the crowds were dense – there was respite in the second hall where the spring plant fair was showing – a second post to follow.

My orchid knowledge is limited and what I thought I knew, well the diversity of plants on show proves this is a huge, technically challenging but ultimately hugely rewarding horticultural interest spanning continents. And I know even less than I thought. Such amazing displays and expertise from the exhibitors who were, one and all, seemingly genuinely thrilled to be sharing their time and knowledge.

Where possible, I’ve taken a picture featuring the name of each orchid which precedes the pictures of the plant itself. There are too many, I’m sorry, to do away with the labels and name each image individually but I hope that it is reasonably clear what is what as you run through the gallery. As I say, a visual feast for the eyes but you might want to get a cup of tea, or a restorative glass of wine, before you delve in for this orchid extravaganza.

3 thoughts on “The RHS London Orchid Show – 6th April 2018 – A truly extravagant show and worth another look? Definitely.

  1. Thank you .i went to Chelsea hospital Rhs gardens who 1962 and last time as Chelsea flower show RHS in 2010. I was so unhappy loosing my estate in England that year before that I had decided only to roam Europe to find land at right price and start again. i did this in 2012 and now have six acres all landscaped in the English arts and crafts style of 1910. Bit of Hidcote and lots of me in this planed garden. I had a house to renovate too so at 62 set in to sort out all within 7 years and have done just that. Waiting for my green walled set of garden rooms to grow still and all is finally done in my planed view whilst walking around that last Chelsea show. Nice photos of orchids just have six myself in conservatory learning about them as I go. Yours with respect Sir K

  2. So, so good to have you back. Thank you for sending such beautiful pictures. Please stay well and healthy!

    1. Hi there, and thank you for commenting. The crowds at this Orchid Show were quite staggering. I would be sure to feel very claustrophobic if I had to go there now. Staying home of course, and stay healthy to you and yours, kind regards, Martin

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