Padua/Padova – fantastic markets, cathedrals and Europe’s oldest Botanic Garden, laid out in 1545 – with later glasshouse


A short train ride from Venice to Padua/Padova (for the natives). Very strange to have to deal with cars and bicycles after a few days entrenched in Venice. A beautiful city, especially under continuing clear blue skies. Absolutely fantastic markets in the centre of town –  a foodie’s dream – and at last a nod towards my horticultural heartland. Padua’s Botanic Gardens were laid out in 1545 and remain pretty much unchanged in plan throughout the intervening centuries. Meticulously labelled as you might expect, a circular design with stone-edged beds for family groupings. The surprise was the much more recent addition of a glasshouse and educational facility which was exceptional. All told, 10 euros very well spent.


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