A ‘Meet the Experts Tour’at Kew Gardens – Snowdrops (Galanthophiles Rule OK) – and my first sighting of the newest species in the club, Galanthus trojanus

The Teddington Gardener

Such a treat, earlier this week, attending one of Kew Gardens’ Meet the Experts Tours.

Every Tuesday throughout the year (or probably pretty much), you are delivered into the hands of one of their Experts for a private tour of one aspect of the work going on at Kew. This month they are talking everything snowdrops (it is Carnivorous plants next month – the link is at the end of the blog for further information).

Small groups, 15 as a usual maximum, and a rather random process of allocating tickets (free – amazing – but no early/pre-booking, open to all and therefore possibly going to be a victim of its own success though there are plans to tweak the system).

This was my first such tour – I attended the Fritillaria Open Day a couple of years ago which gave access to some of the private areas such as the Alpine…

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