A few houseplants (Practise what you preach…)

A few of my houseplants, dotted throughout the conservatory, kitchen, sitting room, bedrooms and bathrooms and all with their own particular requirements for sunshine, shade, indirect but bright light, humidity and watering regime.

Plenty of room for more I think though ….

Many of the pots are Burmese, though I should correctly say from Myanmar. The chap who sources them for Petersham Nurseries goes out there several times a year and although they are factory produced, they use vintage machinery and the approach road there makes our little mud drive look like the M1. Every visit he expects to be his last, as inward investment from China threatens to buy out this artisan manufacturer, ripping out all of the ancient machinery and thus losing all of the character. I shall be buying more while the opportunity lasts, as these so-called Tomato Pots are full of charm and every one different.

I’ve just glued together the (almost complete) fragments of a cream pot, and edged the missing pieces in 23 carat gold leaf, as you do, to make a feature of the imperfection. Pictures on Instagram I should think … Not quite Kintsugi, but the flavour is there.

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